Seneca EIS Portfolio Service

The Seneca EIS Portfolio Service offers investors the opportunity to build a portfolio of equity investments in UK based SMEs who are seeking an injection of capital to fund their next phase of growth.

The Portfolio Manager will be Seneca Partners Limited which is authorised and regulated by the FCA (reference no 583361). Prospective investors are required to complete the Application Form in order to invest in the Seneca EIS Portfolio Service. Within 12 months of receiving your investment, we will aim to have subscribed for shares in at least 4 EIS Qualifying Companies on your behalf, to be held for you by the Custodian, acting as nominee. The investee companies will typically be unquoted companies or companies quoted on the Alternative Investment market “AIM”, the market for smaller growing companies provided by the London Stock Exchange.

For every investment opportunity we undertake a rigorous due diligence and investment process, to fully evaluate each proposal. This involves an initial, quantitative analysis of the business plan, followed by spending time with the company’s management team, whilst also analysing the competitive landscape, financial and operating model. This site is intended to explain our investment philosophy and process as well as introducing the Seneca EIS Portfolio Service to new investors.

Our EIS Portfolio Service targets well-managed businesses that can demonstrate established and proven concepts, good balance sheet strength, profits or visibility of profit and cash generation and which are looking to take the next step in their growth phase

Why Us?

Seneca Partners will act as Portfolio Manager and are responsible for sourcing suitable investment opportunities and advising on the structuring, valuation and execution of these investments.

Seneca Partners will also advise on the strategic development of these Investee Companies throughout the investment period and on the options available to realise each investment once the three year holding period has ended.

As Portfolio Manager, Seneca Partners will be responsible for the management of each Investor’s portfolio

About Seneca Partners

Seneca Partners is an independent investment and corporate finance business for private individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, funds and trusts.

The knowledge, experience and pedigree of our investment team, combined with their individual track records of successful investing in the SME sector, is complimented by an extensive deal flow network in the UK’s SME heartlands. We expect this combination to appeal strongly to EIS investors.

With offices in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham, Seneca Partners maintains a strong local presence in the SME heartlands and the established, trusted and high quality contact networks of the Seneca Partners team, which includes fellow professionals, funders, investors and SMEs themselves, is critical to the ability of the Seneca Partners team to source the most interesting and compelling investment opportunities.


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Tel: 01942 35 66 55

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