Since 2013 InvestingZone has created a thriving professional equity crowdfunding platform to facilitate the investment market. Servicing the needs of innovative private companies aspiring to become market leaders and sophisticated investors interested in unlisted equities and alternative finance. Our expert platform enables early-stage and growth companies to raise money from a large pool of experienced investors, whilst providing those investors with the same vital rights and protections demanded by venture capitalists.

All Acceleris Deals will be available for investment on the InvestingZone platform added much needed credibility and trust to the online crowdfunding market.

Equity Crowdfunding meets Venture Capital

InvestingZone is an appointed representative and partner to established venture capital company E-Synergy, which has been investing in the early-stage sector for 15 years. This tactical collaboration has effectively created an environment where an emerging new investor group can invest in confidence alongside professionals in sensible, structured deals.

“Good UK prospects are going unfunded. InvestingZone can bridge this gap to connect investors with opportunities,”
– Jon Moulton.

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Acceleris Capital Ltd. 12 The Parks, Haydock, WA12 0JQ.

Tel: 01942 295 988

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