The early stage venture capital market depends on a flow of funds from High Net-Worth Individuals and Government. Government funds are distributed through professional fund managers whereas the private individual invests either alone or through an informal network or syndicate. Acceleris has expertise in arranging investments on behalf of individuals which helps reduce or manage the risk associated with investing in this stage of the private equity market.

it is vital that an individual has a spread of investments in this sector because it is notoriously difficult to “pick the winners”. The UK tax system provides some relief but a simple portfolio approach must be adopted. Acceleris will help individuals wishing to build a portfolio and will provide a regular reporting service that helps keep track of progress in individual positions. The shares are still held in the individuals name but monitoring of the investment is carried out in a collective way, which will improve communications and influence with investee companies.

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The Benefits of EIS

To stimulate and encourage investment into small unquoted trading companies, HMRC offers two schemes for UK tax-paying investors. The usual high risk nature of such companies is offset and the UK’s most exciting inventors and entrepreneurs can benefit from an alternative source of finance for their companies through SEIS and EIS.

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Our regional presence yields strong SME deal flow:

Our deals come from a variety of sources including our existing networks, financial intermediaries, current investors and entrepreneurs and close relationships with technology and Science Parks.

What type of investor are we looking for?

Acceleris Capital deals solely with certified High Net Worth Individuals and Sophisticated Investors.

A certified high net worth individual will meet at least one of the following criteria

  • An annual income to the value of £100,000 or more;
  • Net assets to the value of £250,000 or more.

There are two types of sophisticated investor:

  • Self-certified sophisticated investors are persons who have invested in an EIS security before, director of a company with a turnover of £1million, persons involved in the provision of SME finance or persons who are members of business angel networks.
  • Certified sophisticated investors (these are persons certified by an authorised person other than the one making the communication as having sufficient understanding to be able to assess the risks of investing)


“I keep a diverse investment portfolio and I find direct equity investing to be a vital part of this. Supporting the UKs most exciting SMEs is highly rewarding and knowing Acceleris Capital is backed by the experience and expertise of it’s management team and network of advisors, I am comforted that these companies have the best chance to achieve success” – Bob Holt – Chairman of Mears Group


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