Redag Crop Protection

Redag Crop Protection (“Redag”) is a Cheshire based agrochemical discovery business, with particular focus on new fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and nematicides – products which play a vital role in controlling the pests and diseases that threaten our global food supply.

Redag’s novel and broadly validated Redox Switch™ approach allows them to begin with best in class crop protection products and find new intellectual property that supports development of novel agrochemicals. These properties have shorter, less costly development cycles, bringing rapid innovation to the industry. There is a growing need for new products as older ones are withdrawn either for safety reasons or because resistance has developed that reduces performance.

The crop protection industry typically spends $250m over a 9 year period testing up to 140,000 candidate compounds in order to bring a single new product to market.

The Redox Switch™ platform has allowed Redag to secure novel intellectual property around existing best in class products through preparation of new compounds that are one or more oxidation state removed from the original. This novel chemistry approach has provided the company with fast and efficient access to an extensive pipeline of new candidates across multiple high value applications. The structural similarity of these compounds to parent compounds that are well characterised and understood reduces the overall risk profile for Redag’s candidates. This also reduces development times, redundancy in testing and the cost of the discovery to market cycle. In addition, this similarity to existing product classes means that current manufacturing assets may be used for production, further reducing the cost of market entry.


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